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S-4000 ISBH

– Chainstitch Straight Buttonhole Machine For Sewing Imitation Sleeve Buttonholes
High speed electronically controlled chainstitch imitation sleeve buttonhole machine designed for sewing purely decorative and non-functional buttonholes on jacket sleeves. The high sewing speed up to 3800 spm and the short sewing cycle increase productivity and the single pedal electronic start reduces operator fatigue. For this type of machine it is possible to order the device “ Mechanical indexer, see Optional Accessories.

Optional Accessories

The mechanical indexer was developed based on customer requirements and is designed for sewing imitation buttonholes on the sleeves of jackets. The indexer is intended only for sewing straight buttonholes. This device is intended for customers of piece and small series production.

Different Buttonhole Shapes can be sewn with other two cams that can be ordered extra from AMF Reece. The machine sis supplied with the standard cam.

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S-4000 ISBH

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