AMF Reece - Cars s.r.o., Tovární 837/9C, 798 11 Prostějov, Czech Republic

About us

AMF Reece CR, s.r.o. went bankrupt in 2021 and was bought out in insolvency proceedings by Cars Technology, s.r.o., which is also the sole owner of the AMF REECE brand of sewing machines.

In 2023, AMF Reece – Cars s.r.o. was formed, which continues the tradition of manufacturing AMF REECE sewing machines.

AMF Reece – Cars, s.r.o. is a world-wide manufacturer of specialty industrial sewing machines such as mechanical and electronic eyelet buttonhole machines, chainstitch machines, decorative handstitching machines, button stitching and wrapping machines, autojig machines and trouser sewing units including pocket welting machines. The history of our company is lined with the development of the first automatic eyelet buttonhole machine in the world, with the patented floating needle technology to imitate the real hand stitching, with the development of the template stitching system and the world’s first automatic pocket welting machine. The AMF Reece –Cars company has been associated with the biggest and most significant manufacturers of the sewing machines like AMF Sewn Products, Reece Corporation and Minerva. With the innovative approach, unique patents and confirmed experiences the AMF Reece – Cars company, before AMF REECE, company has reached the leading role in the world market of the industrial sewing machines.