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S-4000 TKF

– Chainstitch Tacker Machine
The electronic single thread chainstitch machine is used for general tacking operations with automatic thread trimming. The chainstitch tack provides increased productivity over the lockstitch competition as bobbin changes are eliminated. The S-4000 TKF single thread chainstitch machine is capable of sewing single or double row tacks. The selection and adjustments of the tacks is electronic and can be easily changed by the operator. The machine can handle any type of label materials and is far superior for elastic fabrics such as knitwear because of the stitch flexibility.


Collar stay tacking, sleeve vent tacking, shoulder strap tacking on lingerie, cuff wigans, back vent on suit coats, safety straps on hard hats, secure overlock chainstitching.

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S-4000 TKF