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S-4000 LS

– Chainstitch Label Sewer Machine

The chainstitch label sewer machine is used for the attaching operation of hanger type labels, on which the raw edges are pre-folded. All the functions of the chainstitch label sewer machine are automatic including clamping, stitching to length, thread trimming and stopping with the clamps raised ready for the next operation. The chainstitch label sewer machine can be programmed to sew single or double row tack. The machine sews any width of label from 6.4 mm to 43 mm by simple operator adjustment of the length control. The S-4000 LS chainstitch label sewer machine provides a covering stitch over the edge of the label which prevents the label from fraying and unraveling while forming a neat and smooth finish with superior strength and wearability.


Hanger labels on shirts and blouses, trouser waistband labels, pocket labels, towel labels.

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S-4000 LS