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Autojig machine 84-72 MJ / 84-72 UJ

– Profile Stitching System

The autojig machine 84-72 assembles complex components up to 60 or 140 cm in length depending on the machine model. The application of the autojig machine 84-72 includes also actually-pointed shapes such as two-pieces shirt collars. The autojig machine is equipped with advanced microprocessor that controls all of the sewing functions including dense stitching at the beginning and end of the seam, automatic thread trimming, start and stopping of the cloth trimming, up to 6 different operation models at the corners, turn mechanism to rotate the template about the stationary needle at the corner, automatic template ejection etc

Main features

Every component is correct in size and shape – every time, in every fabric, with every operator. Consistent quality is maintained across multiple manufacturing site.

Component size or shape can be changed in few seconds by the operator without any assistance. No “learning course” is required, operators achieve full productivity within minutes of introducing a new style.

Very limited sewing skills are required, simply the ability to maintain a steady routine in loading and unloading the stitching templates. New (unskilled) operators produce perfect components from the outset and achieve full productivity within only a few hours.

Very high machine utilization is achieved because one template can be loaded while a second template is being sewn; so called “needle time” comfortably exceeds 80%. Unskilled operator can be brought in at times of peak demand. New styles no longer cause dip in production.

  • low cost automatic profile stitcher for garment and other subassemblies
  • changes of component shape can be made in less than 10 seconds by change of jig, no machine adjustments are required
  • low training period, normally 2-3 hours means that unskilled labour can be used for even the most complex shapes
  • automatic insertion of fullness where required
  • will sew all types and weights of fabric
  • models available to suit all types of manufacturers
  • special models for folding and attaching of patch pockets

The 84-72 autojig machine has an advance microprocessor that controls all of the sewing features, including:

  • dense stitching at the beginning and end of the seam
  • automatic thread trimming
  • starting and stopping of cloth trimming knife
  • up to 6 different models of operation at corners
  • turn mechanism to rotate the template about the stationary needle at the corner
  • automatic template ejection at the end of the cycle
  • automatic batch counter to monitor productivity
  • prompts on LCD screen to guide the mechanic through the operating sequence
  • self-diagnostic testing facility

The 84-72 machine was designed using the Juki sewing head. Both heads have all the features associated with more expensive machines. These include microprocessor control at the corners and the ability to stop with needle down on the pointed collar.

Available Models

The MJ machine model can be used for complex components up to about 60 cm in length, including acutely pointed shapes, such as two-piece shirt collar. Both, single or double templates can be used on this machine.

The UJ machine model is upgraded version of  MJ model with further unique features to facilitate the handling of very large stitcging templates up to 140-150 cm in length. Both, single or double templates can be used on this machine. The models is intended primarily for major applications such as attaching the facing to the forepart of jackets and top coats which is one of the most critical operations in the manufacture of tailored outwear.


This versatile machine can also assemble small components such as pocket flaps and tabs. If used in small scale production units the flexible 84-72UJ machine may be used for sequence production; one left forepart, one right forepart, one collar, two pocket flaps, two epaulettes. No other machine in the world can match this unique combination of totally flexible and skill free operation with high productivity and consistent high end product quality.

The UJ machine model is equipped with air flotation system that supports large stitching templates on a cushion of air. This system can be turned off when small components are being sewn.

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